Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Heating & Cooling Equipment in Your MA Home

Summer is quickly approaching, and Massachusetts homeowners are preparing their homes for another season of running through sprinklers, backyard barbeques, and graduation parties. One thing is for certain: this season, you count on your A/C to keep you comfortable when the weather gets hot, and if your system has aged past its prime, you might be missing out on comfort and spending money you don’t need to spend.

In fact, when you live in a four-season climate like Massachusetts, that’s the case most of the year as we are often relying on our heating and cooling systems for comfort. Most homeowners would jump at the chance to decrease energy costs while also increasing their home comfort. Ken Duval Oil can make that wish a reality with an upgrade to your heating or cooling equipment. Keep reading to learn the top four reasons you should consider an upgrade today.

Why Should I Upgrade?

Keep more money in your pocket:

As systems age, their efficiency decreases, so it will cost more money to heat or cool your home. If you’ve noticed an increase in your heating and cooling bills, that could be a sign of waning efficiency. A new, high-efficiency system will cost less to heat or cool the same space, keeping more money in your pocket.

Reduce your risk of expensive and inconvenient equipment failures:

Couple the cost of decreased efficiency with the fact that an aging system also typically costs more in repairs, and the money lost to an aging system can really add up! With new heating or cooling equipment, you won’t have to worry about an inconvenient breakdown and expensive repair; you’ll be able to relax knowing your family’s comfort is taken care of.

Improve year-round home comfort:

When inside, have you felt chilly rather than cozy during the winter? Or is the indoor air on the humid side in the summer? Maybe there are certain rooms or locations in your home where the temperature is never right. Upgrading your heating and cooling equipment can help address all of these issues and make you more comfortable all year round.

Decrease your emissions:

Newer heating and cooling systems are better for the environment. New, high-efficiency models use about 1/3 less fuel than older models, so you’ll be more comfortable, save money, and help decrease your carbon footprint.

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When Should I Upgrade?

Even with the many benefits upgrading your heating and cooling brings to your home and family, you might still be wondering when it’s the right time to invest in upgrading your equipment. Once your heating or cooling equipment reaches 15 years old, you can save upwards of 30% by upgrading to new, energy-efficient systems, so if yours is hovering close to that age, contact us today to learn more.

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Avoid the hassle, worry, and discomfort caused by fading equipment by requesting a free cooling or heating installation quote from the experts here at Ken Duval Oil. We’ll help you choose the right system for your home and needs and ensure it’s installed properly, so you can stay cool and comfortable in the warm season and warm and cozy when the weather turns chilly. Contact us today!