Important Signs It’s Time for An HVAC Upgrade

With only about a month left of summer, now is a great time to start thinking about your HVAC equipment. South Shore homeowners know that summers in Massachusetts are short, and that fall chill sets in relatively quickly. Preparing for the change of seasons is essential. An easy way to protect your home, family, and budget is to upgrade your current fuel oil heating system to a newer, high-efficiency model. Now that you’re thinking about it—how did your heating system perform last year?

Top Signs It’s Time for an HVAC Upgrade in MA

When heating season starts, you want your heating system to be ready to go without any hiccups. These are the top signs that you need to invest in a new high-efficiency model before the season begins.

  • Strange Noises or Smells:

When your heating system is in the basement, it’s common to hear something odd now and then, but if strange noises have become a regular occurrence, it’s time to have your system examined. If you’re hearing out-of-the-ordinary humming, banging, or clunking from your heating system, it could be time for a replacement. Unusual odors can be another red flag.

  • Uneven Heating:

One of the worst parts of a failing heating system is the uneven heating around your home. If your thermostat reads a typical temperature, but you feel warm in some rooms and cold in others, your equipment could be in decline.

  • High Energy Bills:

Unfortunately, as your heating system ages, its efficiency will decline. Heating costs that consistently climb without extreme weather or an increase in household size are a clear symptom of decreased fuel economy. New, high-efficiency models can reach efficiency ratings of up to 95, which means significantly reduced heating expenses and more wiggle room in your home comfort budget.

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  • Dusty or Dry Air:

Have you assessed your home’s indoor air quality? Excess amounts of dust or drastic changes in air humidity can be a result of an ineffective heating system. Regular maintenance will improve indoor air quality, but over time a replacement is the only sure-fire solution to guarantee pure air.

  • Increased Repair Frequency:

Like any piece of machinery, your heating equipment will suffer from more breakdowns as years of wear and tear go by. Look back on your recent service history. Instead of spending your money on recurring repair visits, you will get more out of your heating budget by investing in a new high-efficiency system.

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Knowing when to upgrade your HVAC system is especially important when trying to maintain your home comfort budget. Systems that have reached their lifespan can cause issues in your home that you don’t want to deal with, and they can spike your heating bills. Get in touch with Ken Duval for a quote on a new, high-efficiency heating system today.