Major Benefits of Installing a New A/C System

Temperatures will be hitting highs in just a few weeks. With summer finally here on the South Shore, there’s no doubt you’re thinking of the best and most affordable ways to stay comfortable this season. We all know that an old, inefficient air conditioner isn’t only inconvenient, but it’s also expensive and ultimately not worth the price you’d have to pay for the little comfort you’d get from it. There’s an alternative!

At Ken Duval, we’re pleased to install new, high-efficiency ductless mini-split and central air conditioners. Say goodbye to your old, ineffective A/C, and say hello to affordable cooling comfort all season long. You can trust the installation experts at Ken Duval for all your A/C needs. Plus, a new air conditioner may be just what you need to make this summer memorable.


Top Reasons to Install a New A/C on South Shore, MA

There are plenty of reasons to spring for a new air conditioner if yours isn’t getting the job done! The most prominent reasons are that you’d benefit from maximum energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and lower energy bills. Whether you want to install a ductless or central A/C, check out the benefits of each below:

Central Air Conditioning

  • Perfect for homes with existing ductwork
  • Zoned or whole-home cooling
  • Thorough, even cold air distribution
  • Invisible, silent cooling in your home

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Ductless Mini-Split A/C

  • Perfect for homes without ductwork
  • Zoned or whole-home cooling
  • Preferred in additions, garages, and other areas ductwork does not reach
  • Sleek design, remote control, and whisper-quiet operation

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Install a New A/C System with Ken Duval Oil

When you’re ready to make the change to a new and improved air conditioner and get rid of the old one that is costing you an arm and a leg, trust the professionals at Ken Duval for a seamless installation. We’ve been providing exceptional installations to homes across the South Shore for years, and we’re just getting started. Get in touch for a quote when you’re ready!