Reliable Heating Oil Delivery on Massachusetts' South Shore

Let’s face it—winters on the South Shore of Massachusetts are cold. Choosing a reliable heating fuel from a company you can trust is the best way to combat those winters and make your home a safe place for your family to reside. Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents use heating oil because of its reliability, affordability, safety, and abundance. If you’d like to order heating oil for your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. The oil delivery team at Ken Duval Oil is committed to the safety, warmth, and satisfaction of your home and family.



Our Heating Oil Delivery Options

We offer customizable heating oil delivery options to fit your preferences and budget. Check out your options below and get in touch with our customer service representatives to let us know your preferred schedule.

Ken Duval Oil customers on South Shore, MA

automatic oil delivery icon

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

We recommend our automatic oil delivery program to every Ken Duval Oil customer. It’s the most convenient, worry-free way to handle your heating oil deliveries, and it’s available to our customers at no extra charge! Click the button below to learn more about our automatic delivery service, or contact us to sign up today.


Will-Call Fuel Delivery icon

Will-Call Heating Oil Delivery

For customers who prefer to manage their own tank levels and heating oil deliveries, we offer will-call fuel oil delivery. You can keep an eye on your tank gauge and request a delivery anytime from Ken Duval Oil—we’ll put you on the schedule promptly! We always recommend that will-call customers order fuel when their tank gauges show no less than ¼: this ensures that you’ll have enough to last you until we make a delivery.


Trusted Fuel Oil Delivery since 1999

We employ experts in the industry who have been efficiently delivering fuel oil to residents in the South Shore area for years. When you become a customer of the Ken Duval Oil family, you’ll benefit from those years of experience, along with affordable fuel oil prices, reliable delivery, and additional benefits like oil pricing programs and discounts.