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Why Should I Sign Up for a Budget Plan This Year?

If you’re an oil delivery customer in the Massachusetts South Shore area, chances are you need a reliable source of heating oil at an affordable price. Ken Duval Oil is here to deliver exactly that! Our budget plans are simple and convenient; we will estimate your annual heating oil usage and divide our low prices […]

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Why, When, and How to Place a Fuel Order in Massachusetts

It’s a more commonly asked question than you might think!  In fact, ordering fuel doesn’t have to be difficult. Anyone can learn to read a tank gauge to know when you have to order fuel to prevent a no-heat emergency, and Ken Duval Oil will show you how easy the process is! Keep reading to […]

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Top Factors That Affect Your Heating Oil Usage in Massachusetts

If you’re a heating oil user on the South Shore of Massachusetts, then you might be wondering what factors affect your heating oil usage. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. At Ken Duval Oil, we make the effort to be sure that our customers are always in the know about things that affect their […]

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