Do I Really Need an A/C Tune-Up Every Year?

If your heating and air conditioning system has been operating well, you likely haven’t thought about the underlying maintenance it might need to keep it running smoothly. Luckily, springtime is the perfect time of year to schedule your yearly tune-up to help reduce your risk of a mid-season breakdown.

Neglecting to have your unit serviced at least once a year could put the system, as well as your family’s comfort and health at risk. Keep reading to learn why our experts at Ken Duval insist on scheduling this kind of essential maintenance right before summertime.

Spring Cleaning Preps for Peak Performance

As we approach the warmer months of the year, it’s likely your air conditioning unit hasn’t run in quite some time and has been sitting idle throughout fall and winter. Since it has been sitting for so long, unused, it is definitely worth it to have one of our professionals come take a look at it to make sure the system will run normally, and everything is still in order for the hot weather ahead. An in-depth check can predict or prevent any unexpected issues to arise during peak usage.

Regular Maintenance Is Typically Less Expensive Than Repairs

While there isn’t a guarantee that your unit won’t break down or eventually have any issues, our experts can give your A/C unit a good look to make sure all of its bits and pieces are functioning correctly, and there isn’t anything that needs replacement. For those with older air conditioning units, preventative maintenance is extremely necessary as it will almost always cost less and assist in avoiding any unexpected problems.

Scheduling a professional tune-up can spot issues way before they become something to worry about and affect the efficiency of your unit, which means that’ll just be less money out of pocket for you.

Tune-Ups Increase the Efficiency and Decrease Cooling Costs

Without regular maintenance, an air conditioning unit can lose almost 5% of its operating efficiency each year. This means that your house isn’t cooling as effectively as it would be if the unit were clean and maintained like they’re supposed to.

In addition, when the unit isn’t operating at peak performance, it will run more often, therefore, causing your utility bill to increase each month. Running the unit more often can put a lot of strain on it which leads to more room for breakdowns and unnecessary repairs on your end.

Overall, without yearly tune-ups, you could end up just paying high bills and setting yourself up for unexpected repairs while feeling uncomfortably hot.

A Well-Maintained A/C Unit Lasts Longer

Scheduling regular maintenance, it’ll lower the chances of something breaking down or setting off a chain reaction of issues. Not having the unit cleaned and checked out will decrease its efficiency and lead to more repairs later down the line or the unit just breaking down completely.

These checkups will also keep the system functioning at the top of its game, preventing any complications, and making sure it’ll run as good as new throughout these summer months.

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Schedule Your Tune-Up Today

With summer just around the corner, it’s important to keep your A/C unit running as smoothly as possible and with the lowest risk for potential issues. Our team of experts at Ken Duval are here to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer, make sure you schedule your tune-up now to prepare for the months ahead!