How to Find the Best MA Company for Your Oil Tank Replacement

Keeping a heating oil tank on the premises of your Massachusetts South Shore home is a great way to maintain a steady supply of clean, safe heating fuel. However, oil tanks don’t last forever, and every heating oil tank will eventually pass its intended lifespan. It’s up to you to know when oil tank replacement is necessary for your MA home, and it’s important to know what to look for in a great oil tank replacement company. Continue reading to learn our tips for finding the right company to replace your oil tank as well as the signs that your old tank is ready to be switched out for a new one.

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How to Choose a Company to Replace Your Oil Tank

Read Online Customer Service Reviews

Some large HVAC companies and fuel suppliers that replace oil tanks offer poor customer service and won’t help residential customers when they need assistance. Be sure to compare testimonials and reviews of your top fuel delivery choices and make sure they provide the outstanding customer service you deserve.

Verify the Company’s Service Area

A company may be the perfect fit in every other way, but their service area is crucial to a successful business agreement. Look for an online service area map and ensure that your home is within tank replacement range.

Look at Their Social Media

Like or follow your tank installation company’s Facebook page: are they active on social media? Do they offer discounts, promotions, and contests? Are they active in responding to reviews and feedback? You can learn a lot about a company from the way they interact with customers online.

See What They Offer beyond Oil Tank Replacements

When you’re trying to find an HVAC company that fits your unique needs, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Does the company that you’re considering for your oil tank replacement also offer important services such as heating equipment tune-ups? For example, when you choose Ken Duval Oil for your oil storage tank installation, you can expect that we:

  • Deliver top-quality heating oil
  • Are locally owned and operated
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Are available 24/7 to assist you
  • Keep our prices fair and competitive
  • Offer professional HVAC services & tank monitoring

Signs You Might Need an Oil Tank Replacement in MA

Wondering if you need an oil storage tank replacement on the South Shore? Here are some telltale signs that your oil tank is on its last legs:

  • Visible Signs of Exterior Tank Damage
  • Weak or Unstable Tank Legs
  • Drops in Oil Efficiency
  • Damaged or Broken Tank Components
  • Frequent Pipe Clogs & Sludge Buildup
  • Unprotected Oil Tank Connections

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Ready to Replace Your Oil Tank? Contact Ken Duval Oil Now!

At Ken Duval Oil, we’re proud to be the South Shore’s choice for oil tank replacement and installation. In addition to our professional and reliable tank installations, we also deliver Bioheat® fuel, which is an eco-friendly fuel choice that is compatible with current oil heating equipment and storage tanks. Reach out to us today to get a free estimate on your oil tank replacement and experience the difference that comes with being a Ken Duval Oil customer.