How to Prepare Your South Shore Home for Fuel Delivery this Winter

With colder weather quickly approaching, many Massachusetts residents are preparing for the winter chill by preparing their homes to receive their fuel deliveries throughout the season. Whether you are an automatic fuel delivery customer or a will-call delivery customer, we’ve outlined a few steps you can take to best prepare for your fuel delivery orders to arrive. A little bit of prep goes a long way. Keep reading to learn the top things Ken Duval Oil recommends you do before our fuel delivery trucks arrive at your residence.

Preparing for Fuel Delivery in Massachusetts

Receiving fuel in Massachusetts isn’t always the most intuitive process; especially for first-time homeowners or new residents. That’s why we’ve outlined a few easy-to-follow steps you can take to make the entire delivery and refill process as quick, efficient, and effortless as possible this winter heating season on the South Shore. To make the season even more comfortable and hassle-free, we suggest signing up for our automatic fuel delivery program so that you can worry less about monitoring your own fuel storage and scheduling deliveries. Instead, you can focus on upkeeping these simple tasks during this winter in Massachusetts. Let’s get started!

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Step #1: Make Sure Your Location Is Visible

First things first: when preparing your home for a fuel delivery during winter, it is important to make sure that the location of your home and your fuel storage tank is visible. Prior to this, make sure you know exactly the location of your tank as well as the current ownership information. Be careful not to mistake your water heater for your oil storage tank, a common mistake that homeowners sometimes make when placing their first fuel delivery order. To help ensure that the delivery is brought to the correct address, double check that your address numbers are visible and clear of any debris or foliage for an easier delivery experience.

Step #2: Ensure You Know the Location of Your Tank

Do you know where your fuel storage tank is located? Fuel storage tanks can be in many different locations on Massachusetts properties. Whether your tank is inside your home, buried underground, or located inside of your basement, it’s important to know the exact location of your tank and to ensure that the pathway leading to your or fill pipe tank is clear, so your refill is delivered seamlessly every time.

Step #3: Unlock Gates & Keep Pets Inside

When preparing to receive your fuel delivery order this winter in the South Shore, making sure your delivery drivers have safe and easy access to your tank’s fill pipe is essential. Unlock any gates leading to your fill pipe, and make sure to peek outside before letting pets into your yard to relieve themselves—you wouldn’t want to let your pup outside during the few minutes that a driver is filling your tank.

Step #4: Remove Snow and Ice on the Day of Your Delivery

To help ensure that our fuel delivery drivers are doing their job as safely and efficiently as possible, be sure to remove snow and ice from your driveway before your fuel delivery arrives. Taking this additional step is a huge help to our drivers with the additional benefit to you of having prompt, reliable fuel during the months you need it most.

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