When Should I Replace My Home Heating System?

Your furnace or boiler can provide you with efficient heating for quite a while with annual maintenance, but no home heating system lasts forever. If it’s been awhile since you replaced your heating system, you may be wondering how to tell when the time is right. But there’s no need to worry! Ken Duval Oil comprises industry experts who are here to help you make what can sometimes be a difficult decision. Read our tips to find out if your Greater Abington, MA home is due for a furnace or boiler upgrade this year, and don’t forget to contact us for a no-obligation quote if you’re interested in a replacement.

Expensive Winter Heating Bills

Like any technology, heating systems’ efficiency slows down over time. If you notice that your home heating oil delivery or gas bills are getting higher and higher each year, chances are you’re experiencing declining fuel economy. New high-efficiency models can boast efficiency ratings of up to 95%, which means significantly reduced heating fuel expenses.

Strange Sounds or Scents

Though a low hum is normal for a home heating system, clanking and banging can be a clear-as-day sign that something in your home heating system needs serious attention. The same can be true for smells—it’s normal to smell a light burn when you first turn on your heating system for the year, but any odors beyond that should be inspected by a professional. It could be high time for a replacement.

Uneven Home Heating

If you have to put on or take off a sweater while navigating different rooms of your home, that could be a sign that your heating system’s operating is in decline. Uneven home heating from room to room indicates that your air handler isn’t functioning the way it’s designed to.

Frequent System Breakdowns

The older a piece of technology is, the higher the chance of breakdowns and no-heat emergencies. Don’t stress your family out by running a home heating system that’s on its last legs. Upgrading your system to a new, high-efficiency furnace or boiler will reduce not only your annual fuel costs, but also your repair and emergency service budget.

Is your heating system demonstrating one or more of these symptoms? Contact Ken Duval Oil today for a no-obligation quote on your new furnace or boiler replacement! When the first day of fall comes around, you’ll feel such a weight lifted off your shoulders that you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade earlier.