Ways to Save Energy This Fall

Get Your Massachusetts Home Ready for Winter

November 15, 2021

Happy November! The holidays are right around the corner, and cold temperatures are sure to come along with them. With that in mind, consider if your Massachusetts home heating system is ready for the cold weather ahead. If preparation of your property for the snowy season is in full swing, trust your Ken Duval Oil […]


The Benefit of Ceiling Fans

September 30, 2021

Here on the South Shore, the winters can get blisteringly cold, while the summers can also get quite hot. You may find your energy bills fluctuating dramatically during summer and winter while staying manageable in the milder spring and fall. Using your ceiling fan to your advantage greatly reduces your energy expenses during the more […]


How to Tell If Your Furnace or Boiler Is Energy Efficient

October is here, and for many South Shore, MA families, that means apple picking, pie baking, jumping in piles of leaves, and watching Halloween movies. It’s also the perfect time to ensure that your home heating system is in top shape for the cold season ahead because if you haven’t already, you’ll be cranking up […]


How to Check Your A/C’s Efficiency

August 19, 2021

Living in New England, a region known for its four seasons, you know the summers can get pretty warm. You definitely want to take advantage of the luxury of having an A/C system in your home. You want to make sure fairly often that your air conditioner operates as it should to keep you cool. […]


How to Customize and Reduce Heating Fuel Bills

July 21, 2021

If you’re an oil delivery customer in the Greater Abington, Massachusetts area, chances are you need a reliable source of home heating fuel at an affordable price. Ken Duval Oil is here to deliver exactly that! Our oil heating budget plan is simple and convenient; we will estimate your annual heating oil usage and divide […]