Use These 7 Tips to Save on Your Massachusetts Spring Energy Bills

Ken Duval Oil is committed to keeping your home comfort bills affordable and your heating budget on track! Try out these suggestions to save money on your South Shore energy bills this season, and let us know on Facebook which tip worked the best for you!

Tip 1: Plan Meals Strategically

Using your oven or stove will heat up your home—if the day is a little cooler, be sure to cook something, so your oven heats your home at the same time. If the weather is on the warmer side, options that won’t heat up your home unnecessarily include sandwiches, salads, and wraps.

Tip 2: Load up the Dishwasher & Washing Machine

Wash full loads of dishes and laundry to reduce wasted water and higher water bills. The more dishes and clothes you fill these appliances with, the less water they need. Plus, be sure to use a cold rinse cycle to save on water heating energy.

Tip 3: Plan an Annual A/C Tune-Up

Planning a spring air conditioning tune-up, either central or ductless, can save you big on your cooling bills over the summer. Annual A/C maintenance will provide you with significant annual savings between efficiency boosting and repair aversion.

Tip 4: Unplug Unused Appliances and Electronics

Save money on “phantom power usage” by unplugging unused appliances and turning off power bars when you’re not using the electronics. Every little bit counts!

Tip 5: Spend Time Outside on the South Shore

Southern MA is beautiful this time of year. Plus, along with its being enjoyable and healthy to be outdoors this time of year, you’ll also save money on the energy costs of indoor entertainment.

Tip 6: Upgrade to High Efficiency HVAC

High-efficiency air conditioner models have never run so smoothly! Contact the cooling team at Ken Duval Oil for a high-efficiency central or ductless A/C installation quote today. Spring is also a good time to think about upgrading to a new heating system.

Tip 7: Get a Programmable Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat can save you up to 10% annually on your MA energy bills! Simply program your thermostat warmer when you’re asleep or away. Aim for 8 hours per day in the reduced-temperature zone.

Reach out to the Ken Duval Oil team today to schedule your spring HVAC service or maintenance!