10 Reasons for a Summer Heating System Tune-Up in MA

Most homeowners in Greater Abington, Massachusetts don’t think about their furnace or boiler until the leaves start to change in the fall—but did you know there’s a better way to manage your home comfort? Scheduling your annual home heating tune-up during the summer is the secret to affordable peace of mind and heating success. We at Ken Duval Oil want you to be the most informed when it comes to your heating system’s maintenance appointments, and that’s why we’ve outlined ten reasons to schedule your furnace or boiler’s tune-up during June, July, or August!

Top 10 Reasons for Summer Heating Maintenance:

1. Total Planning Convenience

If a conflict comes up on your schedule, you won’t have to stress about getting an appointment before the first snowfall of the year.

2. Avoid Cold-Weather Problems

Don’t let icy roads, snowstorms, or frozen pipes get in your way! Booking during the summer will bypass all of the cold-weather conditions that can complicate things.

3. Get Better Time Flexibility

If you need to plan a repair that’s detected during your home heating system tune-up, you’ll have more time to budget for and schedule your heating repair appointment.

4. Savings on Emergency Heating Service

Servicing your HVAC equipment now will reduce the risk of having to pay for and endure the stress from unplanned emergency heating service down the line.

5. Complete Peace of Mind

If you’re anything like us, you love knowing your heating system will work when you need it. You’ll improve your chances of a well-working heating system during the winter by booking a tune-up before it gets cold.

6. Maximum Heating Oil Savings

Boosting your fuel efficiency will reduce the amount you use each time you turn on your furnace or boiler.

7. Home Security

Don’t allow an unreliable heating system to get in the way of your family’s safety.

8. Lots of Appointment Availability

Most people schedule tune-ups for the fall and early winter, so get in ahead of the line by booking now.

9. Easy to Plan Your Budget

If you find out you need a furnace or boiler repair, you’ll have months to prepare for the expense, instead of days or hours.

10. Better Home Comfort

Keep your family safe and warm with a reliable heater that starts on the first chilly day of the year.


Don’t forget that you can contact us to schedule your annual heating tune-up! We provide affordable service to boost your heating system’s efficiency and help keep it running safely all fall and winter long.