Professional A/C Installations on the South Shore

Summer weather on the South Shore can be sweltering, so it’s important to have effortless home cooling at your fingertips. Ken Duval is pleased to install ductless mini-split air conditioners and central air conditioning systems for homes and businesses located within our Massachusetts service area.

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Central Air Conditioning Systems

These systems are ideal for homes with existing ductwork in place due to your heating system configuration.

  • Even cooling distribution
  • Unobtrusive vents
  • Easy to install with existing ductwork
  • Maximum control of how much your cooling system operates
  • Choose among ENERGY STAR rated models!

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Much more efficient than old, clunky window A/C systems, mini-splits allow you to cool select areas of your home by individual zoning—or you can choose to cool your entire home.

  • No ductwork required
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Control temperatures room by room
  • Quiet, effective operation
  • Choose among ENERGY STAR rated models!


Chill Out with an Expert A/C Installation by Ken Duval

Our high-efficiency air conditioner installations are the perfect solution to a hot home in Massachusetts. Ready to install your new A/C system? Contact our office today to get started!