• Can I schedule a delivery time? – Due to the Nature of the business, it is not possible to schedule a delivery time. Please keep this in mind if you are paying by cash. We do not want our customers to have to wait for us and therefore accept a variety of payment methods so that you do not have to be home to make payment.


  • Do you accept credit cards? – Yes. We prefer Mastercard and Discover because they recognize us as a utility and keep our fees low which we in turn can pass the savings onto you. Although Visa does not offer the same low fees, we do accept it as well.


  • Is there a minimum delivery? – No. You can order any number of gallons or a dollar amount. There is a $35.00 delivery fee for delivery or dollar amount less than 100 gallons and payment must be in the form of cash or money order. Because we keep our profit margin low, if we did not charge a fee, we would actually lose money (i.e. it costs us more to drive to your house and make the delivery than we make on the oil being delivered).


  • Can I schedule a future delivery? – Yes. When placing your order be sure to request the date you wish to receive delivery. However, if that delivery date is more than two days in the future, we will not be able to quote you a price.


  • The price decreased after I placed my order. Can I have the lower price? -Due to the nature of the market, it is not possible to predict if the price will increase or decrease. We purchase our fuel based on the orders we receive. Therefore, prices are set when you place your order, not when the fuel is delivered and it cannot be adjusted (our vendors will not adjust our price after we purchase fuel at a higher price).


  • I am very low on oil or am out of oil, what do I do? – During the winter months, if your call is received before 5:00 am Monday thru Friday, and your town is scheduled for oil delivery that day, usually a delivery will be scheduled that same day at no additional charge. As the day progresses, deliveries in your area may have already been fulfilled, thus additional charges for same day deliveries may apply. During our winter hours drivers start the day at 6:30 am, and our dispatcher assigns the routes at 5:00 am. If your call is received before 5:00 am you will be scheduled for delivery that same day, automatically, unless otherwise specified. ALSO being OUT of oil and being LOW on oil are two different situations. When your tank gauge is hovering just above empty you still have up to 30 gallons left in your tank.


  • I cannot wait for a delivery, what can I do? You can use a container and purchase diesel fuel at the gas station to get you by until we can make your delivery. (Diesel fuel is very similar to heating fuel with the exception that there are more taxes on diesel fuel than heating oil.)


  • A snow storm is coming and I want to get oil before the storm. – Unfortunately, so would almost everyone else. Thus, on the day before a snowstorm, it becomes extremely difficult to meet the needs of all our will call customers. One way to avoid this is to become an automatic customer. Doing so means you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel.


  • Do I have to shovel out the fill pipe and a path in the snow to the fill pipe? – Yes. You want to make sure the fill pipe is clear of snow especially if your fill pipe is low to the ground (or if we get a large snow storm). Also clearing a path in the snow to the fill pip is extremely helpful. (Especially if your oil fill pipe is far away from the street).